China Link Solutions

Want to Import From China?

Choosing a factory representative will mean the difference between success and failure of your building project so before committing to anything follow these recommendations.

The amount of work and expertise required to work with a factory from China is often underestimated. If the manufacturer representative can demonstrate an ability to manage your project then it will save you time coordinating agents, inspection companies, freight forwarders and customs etc.

We can find you a stable and professional factory for the inflatable oods. Not all factories are created equal. Some factories appear big on their websites while others may be show good products and possibly copy pictures from other manufacturers but still may only have a small factory with a low ceiling presenting limitations in their building abilities.

Having an office in China with a Chinese assistant, we are capable of not only finding the factory for you, but using our Chinese experience to negotiate from a Chinese standpoint, to get you the best possible price providing you peace of mind that you not being overcharged.

Right from the beginning, we will work with you, to discover the type of products you need built and also we will discuss with you some of the quality issues that are important to you. We will take any existing drawings you have, and treat them with full privacy, or if needed we will have drawings produced so that either way you have a full understanding of what you are ordering.

Once at the factory, we are in place to basically micro manage your projects. The inflatable construction plans will be finalized between you, ourselves and the factory. We will see that materials are ordered according to the quality "FR" and durability standards that are required and will then oversee the starting of production. We will report back with progress reports. Upon blow up testing we will take pictures and e-mail them to you along with any recommendations that we stipulated to the factory for upgrades and/or quality assurances.

We will inspect products and remain on site as products are loaded into the containers to be shipped out. We will have all documentation prepared and sent to our Canadian or US broker for processing. We will inform you of arrival dates and contact you accordingly.