Our design team will design anything your imagination can think of. We have taken products and have designed very large scale replica's. We have taken products and designed them into small scale units and have mass produced them in large quantities. We have designed and built play systems to fit space requirements and budgets.

We can take your idea or sketch and input it into our 3-D CAD system.

There we can show you what it will look like and even change the colours and options right befor your eyes. We will take your brand ideas and provide many thumbnail sketchs of different concepts to suit your requirements. We can even add digital printing for that realistic look and you will have a product your guests will be drawn too.

Upon your full approval of the concept we will then design a product unit suited to your promotion after which manufacturing is implemented. But our service doesn't stop there! We can also provide set-up services and repairs in our full service shop and on site!

Check out our Gallery Images on the left and the other samples below
of products that we have brought to life.
Let your imagination soar!
Tell us your idea or tell us that you saw an idea for an inflatable and we
can have it built today. Let us breathe life into your idea or brand!